Inside Wegman


Established in 1967 by Joe & Sallie Wegman, the Wegman Company has been a family-owned and operated business for 51 years. From our bootstrap beginnings, we believe in the value of hard work and the importance of relationships.

The Wegman Company heritage has been strongly influenced by our family’s and company’s commitment to community involvement and understanding of the importance of giving back.


This is not just a company run by a family, because we feel the entire company is our family. It is the most important part of who we are and the reason for our success. Wegman Company has an unwavering commitment to the success of all its employees.

At Wegman Company you will find professionals who work hard and orchestrate the perfect balance between having fun and being highly productive. We are known for being creative, flexible, tireless and going the extra mile to serve our customers.


Wegman Company was founded on hard work ethics and integrity that has evolved into a highly-respected company in the industry.

Wegman operates on the simple concept of hard work makes for a good day, and the people at Wegman sincerely care about what they do. Throughout the culture, there is enthusiasm to serve and a keen desire to succeed. You can see the pride and satisfaction on our faces at the end of the day.
There is a spirit of curiosity and creativity in the Wegman culture, an eagerness to create “What Will Be” and not being satisfied with “What Is”. The Wegman culture values respect, accountability, commitment and paving the path to success.