Our Company

Founded in 1967 by Joe & Sallie Wegman, the Wegman Company is celebrating 50 years as a family owned and operated business, and respected industry leader.


Wegman Company was founded on hard work ethics and integrity. Throughout our culture there is enthusiasm to serve and a keen desire to succeed, so you can truly see the pride and satisfaction on our faces at the end of the day.

What We Do

Wegman Company is a respected industry leader providing systems furniture installation, relocation, warehousing and asset management services, and solving the most complex relocation and facility management challenges.


At Wegman Company our installation teams are the foundation of our work. The people and the processes we employ are paramount to customer satisfaction, quality, and safety. Our certifications and depth of experience across every aspect of our work ensure an above and beyond experience for every customer.


Situated on 8.5 acres, our 145,000-sq. ft. secure facility is the backbone of all our services. Located off the I-75 corridor, Wegman’s state-of-the-art facility creates logistical efficiency and rapid response to customer needs including shipping, receiving, inspecting and warehousing all customer materials and assets.


“Kurt and the install team performed an extremely professional job on this project. From beginning to end Kurt labored to ensure we were working together for the common goal. The job site was always neat and the final product was level and secure. I want to Thank Kurt for keeping the crew on track. Thanks for a Successful Project.”
– Chad Jarvis, Staples Business Advantage


“I approach my work in the field as if I am in my own home, in my own space. If something isn’t right and I wouldn’t want to live with it, I wouldn’t want our client to live with it either.”
– Wegman Team Leader


“Over time we have established great mutual respect and understanding which serves both businesses well. The Wegman Team is responsive and very loyal. The ease of doing business with professionals who proactively solve issues and have the foresight to anticipate future needs gives me peace-of-mind. Tiffany is extraordinary, an absolute ‘Sterling’ employee. ”
– David Mitchell, VP Facility Services, CNG Holdings


“When the Wegman team is on a job site, their work ethic and values are not only representing Wegman Company but also represent ours. Their excellence in this area is a big reason why we continue to work with them.  We consider them one of our greatest partners.
– Shannon McGill, Director of Interior Design, K4 Architecture + Design

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