Giving Back

The Wegman family will tell you that the founders, Joe & Sallie Wegman, taught them to get out and get to know your neighbors and neighborhood. They led by example by getting involved, supporting and giving back to the communities that supported them and their business.

Melissa Wegman will tell you that… “We believe in community involvement because we understand the importance of giving back.” Some call it philanthropy, but we just like to get involved in our communities, churches, schools, sports teams and local non-profits close to our hearts. We keep our eyes open for opportunities to fill a need with our time, our hands and with materials from our business when it meets the right need.”

From chairing fundraisers to golf outings to coaching children’s sports teams, supporting the Buddy LaRosa Foundation, mentoring high school students and serving on local boards, you’ll find the Wegman family members and employees engaged in giving back.