What We do


Wegman Company is a respected industry leader providing systems furniture installation, relocation, warehousing, and asset management services.

We serve architect & design firms, real-estate management companies, corporate clients, dealers, and manufacturers to become a trusted partner to help solve complex installation and facility management challenges.

Wegman’s 51 years of experience with all major furniture systems means we are exceptionally well qualified to complete the installation of your new and/or existing modular and case good furniture.


Leadership is what differentiates Wegman Company from its competitors along with the development of best practices that not only serve our business but those of our customers, partners and the industry at large.

Wegman is a leader when it comes to the intentional approach we take when building customer relationships. Our most successful customers integrate us into the process early, trusting our experience at every stage of a project. Leveraging our experience is at the heart of our capabilities.


Over 50 years ago, we started the company as an interior remodeling company. Joe Wegman remembers it well…
“While installing cabinetry in a new savings & loan, a furniture salesman stopped and asked if I would be interested in installing a new type of office furniture. After completing that first job, we realized an evolution in the office furniture industry was taking place. The shift from remodeling to modular furniture installation was dramatic and fast. We quickly concluded our company was in an opportune position to be one of the first installation contractors in this industry. We built important relationships with the very best manufacturers, always with a keen eye for quality and craftsmanship.

Fast forward to today and we have installed over 700,000 workstations and private offices, assisted countless customers with relocation services, warehousing, and asset management for future use.

We’ve learned the value of sweating the smallest details and the importance of strategic planning. We’ve created innovative solutions when faced with unusual circumstances, and we became good listeners and strong communicators with project management skills that equip us in meeting deadlines and budgets”.

Operational Excellence

Wegman Company leadership recognizes the strength in continuous improvements such as Lean Thinking and Six Sigma. Our focus in these methodologies is meeting customer expectations while adding value and safety to our services and processes by building sustainable improvement of key performance metrics.

Our team is trained and dedicated to process improvements that include a better customer experience, streamlined processes, waste reduction, recycling including green initiatives and a reduction in power consumption leading to a smaller carbon footprint. Our goals of Operational Excellence not only impact your specific job but each job we execute. These processes also put Wegman on the leading edge by providing Green solutions to everyday business challenges. These Green Initiatives are proven to provide a positive environmental effect, directly impacting the world we live, work and play.

We place great emphasis on creating lean value streams both internally and externally to enhance the customer experience. We encourage transparency, appreciate customer feedback, stress safety with OSHA 10 and 30 certifications and strive for the leadership to achieve the goal of continuous improvement.

We understand customer needs vary, with these performance metrics and years of customer feedback, we pride ourselves on understanding and providing individual customer service solutions curtailed to your specific business need.

About the Facilities Services Network (FSN)

The Facilities Services Network was formed by industry leaders with the goal of having shared access to the best industry resources and feedback they could find.
Collectively focusing on best practices since the late 1990s, FSN works with and learns from the best of the best, in our own and related fields.

The overarching goal of the group is to consistently set new benchmarks for performance and value in the management, installation, and care of contract furniture.

Facilities Services Network (FSN) comprises 20 of the best—and some of the biggest—independent commercial furniture installation firms in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Acting individually and collectively, we promote professionalism, best practices and high performance in commercial furniture and facility services.

Scott Wegman serves on the Board of Advisors after serving as Chairman for 2017.


At Wegman we know that great customer experiences are the result of strong employee engagement, building trust internally. We start by serving each other, which is the foundation that prepares us to give our customers our very best.

We are deliberate in our approach and innovative in our services. As a partner from the very start, Wegman brings intuitive strategic planning skills and years of experience that address our customer’s immediate challenges, while supporting their long-term goals.