What We do

Wegman Company is a respected industry leader providing systems furniture installation, relocation, warehousing and asset management services.

We serve architect & design firms, real-estate management companies, corporate clients, dealers, and manufacturers to become a trusted partner to help solve complex installation and facility management challenges.

Wegman’s 50 years of experience with all major furniture systems means we are exceptionally well qualified to complete the installation of your new and/or existing modular and case good furniture.


At Wegman we know that great customer experiences are the result of strong employee engagement, building trust internally. We start with serving each other, which is the foundation that prepares us to give our customers our very best.

We are deliberate in our approach and innovative in our services. As a partner from the very start, Wegman brings intuitive strategic planning skills and years of experience that address our customer’s immediate challenges, while supporting their long term goals.


Leadership is what differentiates Wegman Company from its competitors along with the development of best practices that not only serve our business but those of our customers, partners and the industry at large.

Wegman is a leader when it comes to the intentional approach we take when building customer relationships. Our most successful customers integrate us into the process early, trusting our experience at every stage of a project. Leveraging our experience is at the heart of our capabilities.